Jason King

Hi! I'm Jason King, a former history teacher! I run Interactive Workshops, offering the opportunity for primary and secondary students to engage with "real history". My workshops, whether for First or Second World War, bring a wide variety of original domestic and military items to be handled, investigated, worn by your students. Avoid disruption, and wasted money and time on transport out of school, and let the museum come to you! The collection to be explored is huge!

Don't just take my word for it, have a look at some glowing testimonials:



"Mr King, the presentation you put out on Veterans’ Day was brilliant. It gave me a chance to see things I might never have seen if it wasn’t for you..."
Jonathan Garton, Yr 9 pupil, Dayncourt Comprehensive, Radcliffe on Trent, Nottingham

"Pupils in Yr 6 make good use of resources to make deductions about historical events ... the provision whereby a visiting teacher provides an excellent range of resources connected to WWII is exemplary. Pupils are able to make deductions about the owners of the artefacts and higher attaining pupils are also able to consider the feelings the war generated in some of the people involved..."
OFSTED Report (a Lancashire primary school)

Further testimonials can be viewed here.